The Revvll and the Verso360 Tower
The revvll PRO rope trainer offers a training unlike any other training tool. It allows a versatile rope training with a 4 m long and 25mm wide endless rope against six different resistances. With complete freedom of movement you can train pushing, pulling, and rotating exercises that challenge your upper body and improve strength and endurance at the same time. You have never trained with a rope like this before.

The verso360 Tower 4 requires only 5 sqm floor space. With a height of 230 cm it fits into any training facility and offer functional group training anywhere.

Whether innovative revvll PRO rope training, dynamic sling training with the established aeroSling ELITE, or progressive resistance training with the robust alphaband resistance bands – the list of possible applications is almost endless. Additionally, Battle Ropes can be wrapped to the feet, which again extends the possible applications.

Up and down
Thanks to the height-adjustability the training with the revvll PRO and the alphabands provides a multitude of exercises. Complex movement patterns with rotational exercises from the button up are possible, just like exercises in different stance positions.

Permanently secured
The attachment for the training devices was developed in order to avoid a quick removal. This ensures the stay of the training devices in a facility.

Our contribution in this project:
– Concept and prototype designs.
– Creating the prototypes.
– Inventing a very low cost production approach for low numbers per batch
– designing intellectual property drawings etc.