The Blacksmith is designed to take strength training to the next level. The blacksmith is
a bridge between regular Weight-Training and Crossfit.

Due to the fact that the exercise weight can be changed during execution of the exercise,
a mechanical design is allowed which combines a Smithmachine and two pulleys.
This combination provides in more than 85 serious exercises.

This vast number of exercises provided by just one machine makes it possible to have a
complete gym on less than 8 square meters. A solution for independed Personal trainers,
hotels, schools and home gyms.

Besides regular weight training, where the athlete sets the weight and then executes the
exercise, the Blacksmith has a number of Pre-programmed ways of training:

• H.I.T. High intensity training
In where the computer measures the actual strength of the athlete 25 times per second
during the exercise and adjusts the weight to the maximum the athlete can handle at any
given moment during the exercise.

• C.I.T. Controlled Intensity Training
Equal to H.I.T. training but the computer adjusts the weight to a percentage of the
strength of the athlete during any given time of the exercise. This allows lighter
training sessions on 50% to 90% intension. Ideal for recovery training.

• E.C.T. Eccentric Concentric Training
The computer increases the weight during the Eccentric movement with a pre-set percentage
and decreases the weight with that same percentage during the concentric movement
of the exercise.

• C.R.T. Climbing Repetition Training
The computer increases the weight steadily until athletes failure.

• S.T.S. Static Training System
When injury on joints make movement painfull the Athlete can still train by taking a
position in where the muscle is halfway of the exercise. the computer will than increase
the weight to a set amount. When the athlete can no longer hold the position the weight
automatically is decreased to zero.

• I.C.A. Individual Cam Adjustment
The computer is programmed to give different amounts of resistance during different
positions of one repetition of the exercise. This way the computer can mimic every possible
Nautilus Cam for every individual. For instance ice skaters can improve their push offs
and measure there improvements on parts of the movement.

• I.S.P. Ideal Starting Position
Due to the fact that the weight can be adjusted in every position, the athlete can start
each exercise in the best possible position. This is not possible with standard weight
stack machines.

• R.M. Remote Control
For personal trainers, physical therapists , etc. a remote control can be provided to
control the weight manually during the exercise of the athlete.