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3D Concept Design,

3D Product Design.

3D Animation,

3D Visualisation.

Photo Editing,



Pre Production Batches.





We are Ralf and Simone Kras and we run this small Studio / workshop based in the Netherlands. Besides the two of us we also work with a group of freelancers such as photographers and engineers, to accommodate the wishes of our clients.

(3D) Designing.

We are specialized in designing aesthetic and mechanical solutions for existing problems or Innovative new ideas. We can translate your designs and ideas in 3D CAD software and derivate an animation from it to see them virtually working. With the 3D CAD/CAM system integrated in the workshop CNC machinery and our 3D printing associates, the step to a prototype is small.


Animations or Visualisations for promotional use are of course also possible.


DTP does not really say it all. we do much more, like designing a complete promotional trailer inside and out including all decal work etc.

Prototype and small series.

All the necessary equipment is available in the workshop to process aluminium, steel, stainless steel, several plastic material, wood, etc. So according to the 3D models we can make a functioning prototype and even small series.

Why work with us?

From the first pencil drawing until the development of your Visualisations, Animations and Prototypes, it can all be done by us without the time and money consuming meetings and discussions between designers and engineers. Both aesthetics and functional engineering are taken in account from the start. This means there will be no compromising between aesthetic and engineering on a later point in the project.

We have applied and received several patents and although we are no patent attorneys, we know our way around this matter which will give you the opportunity to save considerably on patent procedures. In other words: By keeping our organization small we can keep the costs low, making exciting projects accessible to more companies and people.

For further information you can look around on this website and see some of our projects.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Ralf and Simone


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  • Hoge Larenseweg 23, 1221AJ, Hilversum
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